Grant`s Bar at VDNG

The new location “Grant’s Bar”, created in partnership with Fiji Group and “Grant`s”, will be happy to warm you up in winter with unique cocktails and punches, which are prepared on the basis of world-famous Scotch whiskey!

The winter bar is located near the main activities of the “Winter Country”.

In addition to delicious drinks, Grant’s Bar will delight you with pleasant gifts.

Seize the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of Christmas Europe in the very center of the VDNG park!

On the menu:

Punch from 95 UAH

Cocktails from 145 UAH


Show this business card to your manager and take advantage of your personal “2+1” promotion on berry punch.

Looking forward to the meeting! From the main entrance to the Christmas tree and immediately turn left.

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Mon-Sn: from 12:00 to 22:30

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