February 14 – Love is…

Valentine’s Day – the warmest winter holiday is already on the doorstep. On this day, it is customary to make nice gifts to your loved ones, and we are no exception, because we have already prepared them for you, dear ones. A light entertainment program, pleasant gifts and an exquisite atmosphere await you on February 14 at HayLoft 2.0.

In a programme: Dj, Instrumental Show, Фотограф, Welcome Drink

Start: 19:00

Festive menu for two

Tar-tar from langoustines with jalapeno, Yuzu juice. The taste is completed with mayonnaise from fermented mushrooms.360 g
Baked oysters with gorgonzola cheese110/30/20 g
Mix of baked snails4 things
Spinach rolls with salmon and philadelphia cheese220 g
Signature ribs in blueberry sauce260/150 g
Dorado fillet with baked vegetables120/150 g

Cost: 1 400 UAH

Festive menu for two is available to order with you.

For lovers of hookahs, there will be an opportunity to order a smoky and fragrant hookah from High Hookah Lab.

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