Celebrate your birthday at HayLoft 2.0!

A birthday is the best occasion to gather family and friends around the same table. It is ideal if it is a table in the HayLoft 2.0 restaurant on VDNG!

Why us?

  • We have organized more than 400 holidays and learned to understand and anticipate all the wishes of customers.
  • A personal manager-coordinator works with each birthday boy.
  • Here you can taste dishes prepared on an open fire (barbecue).
  • We are cozy and environmentally friendly, and there is a separate playroom for children.
  • There are bomb shelters in pavilions #1 and #5 on the territory of VDNG.

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How to entertain guests at a holiday? This is not a problem! At your service:

  • karaoke;
  • DJ;
  • photographer and photo booth;
  • decorator;
  • live music;
  • ordering a holiday cake or candy bar.

A manager-coordinator is assigned to each event, who leads all preparations for the holiday and helps in the organization process.

Average check: 800-1500 UAH/person

Special offer “Surprise”
for 10 people – UAH 7,500.

Especially for birthday parties, we have prepared a package offer for 10 people, which is valid from Monday to Thursday

Cold snacks

Assortment of Italian delicacies 2 servings
Homemade chicken pate with caramelized onions 2 servings
Rolls with zucchini and sun-dried tomatoes 2 servings
Spinach rolls with salmon and Philadelphia cheese 2 servings
Ciabatta (bread) 3 servings


Caesar salad with chicken 2 servings
Salad with chicken in nut sauce 2 servings
Vegetable salad with feta cheese 2 servings

Hot appetizers

Pancakes with chicken and mushrooms and sour cream 2 servings
Camembert cheese fries 2 servings
Lavash with suluguni cheese 2 servings

Main dishes

Pork kebab 3 servings
Chicken kebab 3 servings
Grilled vegetables (mushrooms, peppers, zucchini, tomatoes) 2 servings
Potatoes baked on the grill 2 servings


Stewed fruit 2 liters

Alcohol of choice

ARTINERO white brut / semi-sweet, 0.75 l 3 sq.
Signature cocktails for the company: 5 Aperol Spritz, 5 Flower GT 10 sq.
Віскі “Grant`s”, 1 liters 1 sq.

Loyalties and gifts to choose from

  • Special offer for birthday parties for 10 guests

  • 10% cashback to bonus account

  • Cork Fee

    The fixed cost of the Cork Fee is UAH 250 per bottle

  • Dj for 2 hours as a gift on the condition that the hall is closed for one company

  • A sweet gift in the form of a signature cake for each guest or a welcome drink for each guest in the form of Prosecco (company up to 15 guests)

The gift you will receive:

  • signature Kyiv-style cake for the birthday boy
  • welcome drink for each guest in the form of sparkling wine
  • a surprise from the institution (a certificate of UAH 500 per network)

Alcohol Terms

  • Alcohol 50/50
    You can bring your own alcohol on a 50/50 basis. You order 50% of alcohol from us, the remaining 50% you bring with you without extra charges.

  • Cork service

With an additional payment of UAH 250 for each (any) bottle, for companies of 10 people or more – subject to the minimum average check of UAH 800/person.

Special price: for companies of 20 people or more with compliance with an average check of min 800 UAH/person – alcohol at the price of the store shelf.

If you are interested in a different number of guests, order a birthday calculation and the manager will develop an individual menu based on your wishes.

Calculate birthday

Your personal manager-coordinator will calculate the cost of the event and answer questions about organizing a birthday party at the HayLoft 2.0 restaurant. Call on the phone: +38 067 501 4888.

Do you prefer personal communication? We are waiting for you at the address: Akademika Glushkova Avenue, 1.

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