STAND UP | 10.11

HayLoft 2.0 invites you to listen to really high-quality stand-up, drink a cocktails, and thereby make a donation to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Some of the best Kyiv comedians will perform for you:

  • Jeyhun Safarov is a young talented comedian, one of the strongest authors of Ukraine.
  • Ruslan Kolesnyk is the founder of “Brodyachy Standup”.
  • Dmitry Bylous is the host of the “Underground Podcast” podcast. Resident of “Underground Standup”.
  • Zhenya Korotkov – founder of “Short Standup”

Date: November 10, Thursday, 6:30 p.m

Place: Hayloft, Akademika Hlushkova 1

Cost: 200 ₴ (15% on Armed Forces of Ukraine)

Birthday HayLoft 2.0 | 30.10

Today we are celebrating our 2nd anniversary! Two years of our happy meetings, warm evenings, delicious treats, important events, mutual love.

This year, we make one big wish and thank our heroes that we are safe and able to do what we love.

We treat all guests with a piece of birthday cake!

Halloween Kid’s Party | 30.10

On this day, October 30, the Hayloft 2.0 location will turn into Hogwarts 2.0 School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! The most famous boy wizard and his loyal friends are waiting for you to have fun together!

In the program: mini-quests, animators, butter beer and, of course, a lot of magic!

Both parents and children will have fun! We are happy to invite you and your whole family to a fun celebration!

We start at 11:00

Ticket price – UAH 300

Book by phone: +38 (067) 501 48 88

Grant`s Bar at VDNG

The new location “Grant’s Bar”, created in partnership with Fiji Group and “Grant`s”, will be happy to warm you up in winter with unique cocktails and punches, which are prepared on the basis of world-famous Scotch whiskey!

The winter bar is located near the main activities of the “Winter Country”.

In addition to delicious drinks, Grant’s Bar will delight you with pleasant gifts.

Seize the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of Christmas Europe in the very center of the VDNG park!

On the menu:

Punch from 95 UAH

Cocktails from 145 UAH


Show this business card to your manager and take advantage of your personal “2+1” promotion on berry punch.

Looking forward to the meeting! From the main entrance to the Christmas tree and immediately turn left.

Easter baskets and baskets from PRYNADA

Easter is coming soon, a bright and joyful holiday that everyone is looking forward to, especially today…

With faith and hope in our hearts, in our light victory over darkness, we open pre-orders for Easter.

This year’s design will be patriotic, in the same style and according to the same recipe as last year.

When you buy a paska for yourself, you give another one to internally displaced families or ZSU.

View the assortment on the PRYNADA website >>

Pick up your order yourself at Prynada and receive a cup of coffee as a gift on our summer terrace.

ave. Heroes of Stalingrad, 24

+38 (067) 010 86 88

Opening of HAYLOFT 2.0 – April 30

For the third year in a row, spring has been taken away from us…
Spring in the capital is always special: blooming, fragrant, bright…

We want to capture at least a little of its beauty and open our doors on April 30, for you, dear guests, for our Ukraine, to support it in this difficult time!

The perfect wedding at the HayLoft 2.0 restaurant

Are you dreaming of a perfect wedding in nature, but faced with difficulties in organizing it? We know what to do – choose the HayLoft 2.0 restaurant in the heart of the VDNG park!

Average check: 1000-1500 UAH/person

Order a tasting

Why us?

  • We have more than 150 wedding events behind us. We know what force majeure events can occur during the celebrations.
  • And the main thing is how to deal with them quickly and imperceptibly for guests.
  • All important locations are within walking distance: Registry Office No. 1 for painting, an apple orchard for a photo shoot or outdoor ceremony. Compact logistics ensures that you will not waste time in traffic jams.
  • The interior of the restaurant was created for the holidays. You don’t need to spend time, energy and money looking for decor.
  • Meat and vegetable dishes are prepared on an open grill. They will conquer the heart and stomach of every guest!
  • There are bomb shelters in pavilions #1 and #5 on the territory of VDNG.

HayLoft 2.0 is not just a place for a wedding. You can order from us everything you need to organize celebrations:

  • personal coordinator;
  • decorator;
  • driving;
  • DJ;
  • apparatus;
  • children room;
  • live music;
  • a place for an out-of-town ceremony;
  • large parking lot;
  • wedding cake

Special offer for newlyweds

We understand that a wedding is a unique event. And you want to make sure in advance that we can organize your celebration at a decent level. Therefore, we invite newlyweds who are considering HayLoft as a restaurant for their wedding to a free pre-wedding tasting dinner.

Order a tasting

To order a tasting or ask questions about wedding planning, contact a personal manager by phone: +38 067 501 4888.

Want to see everything with your own eyes? We are waiting for you at the address ave. Akademika Hlushkova, 1.


— What is the average check?

The average check per guest varies from UAH 1,000 to UAH 1,500 per person, depending on the day of the week, the time period, the format of the event (banquet/buffet) and your wishes.

— What is included in the services of a wedding coordinator?

Selection of all contractors needed by the customer to organize the wedding: photographer, videographer, host, DJ, decorator, florist, entertainers: saxophone player, guitarist, show ballet, vocalists, etc. Selection of appropriate textiles for the event. The main duty is to coordinate the work of the restaurant team and contractors on the day of the event. Also drafting a professional menu according to the customer’s wishes with output by grams.

— What are the additional services?

  • The possibility of conducting an away ceremony at 3 different sites.
  • Buffet Welcome Drink at the hour of gathering of guests.
  • Ordering additional decorative furniture for the organization of an away ceremony.
  • Ordering a wedding cake through the restaurant’s confectioner

— What are the conditions regarding alcohol?

  • Alcohol at the store price for companies of 20 guests or more. You can order quality alcohol from us specially. the price For example, a bottle of Pinot Grigio costs UAH 205. This will save your time and you will be sure of the quality, because we personally guarantee it. For companies of 20 guests or more.
  • Alcohol 50/50
    You can bring your own alcohol on a 50/50 basis. You order 50% of alcohol from us, the remaining 50% you bring with you without extra charges.
  • Cork Service The fixed price for all brought alcohol is from UAH 2,000, depending on the number of guests.

February 14 – Love is…

Valentine’s Day – the warmest winter holiday is already on the doorstep. On this day, it is customary to make nice gifts to your loved ones, and we are no exception, because we have already prepared them for you, dear ones. A light entertainment program, pleasant gifts and an exquisite atmosphere await you on February 14 at HayLoft 2.0.

In a programme: Dj, Instrumental Show, Фотограф, Welcome Drink

Start: 19:00

Festive menu for two

Tar-tar from langoustines with jalapeno, Yuzu juice. The taste is completed with mayonnaise from fermented mushrooms. 360 g
Baked oysters with gorgonzola cheese 110/30/20 g
Mix of baked snails 4 things
Spinach rolls with salmon and philadelphia cheese 220 g
Signature ribs in blueberry sauce 260/150 g
Dorado fillet with baked vegetables 120/150 g

Cost: 1 400 UAH

Festive menu for two is available to order with you.

For lovers of hookahs, there will be an opportunity to order a smoky and fragrant hookah from High Hookah Lab.

Book tables by phone: +38 (067) 501 48 88

Celebrate your birthday at HayLoft 2.0!

A birthday is the best occasion to gather family and friends around the same table. It is ideal if it is a table in the HayLoft 2.0 restaurant on VDNG!

Why us?

  • We have organized more than 400 holidays and learned to understand and anticipate all the wishes of customers.
  • A personal manager-coordinator works with each birthday boy.
  • Here you can taste dishes prepared on an open fire (barbecue).
  • We are cozy and environmentally friendly, and there is a separate playroom for children.
  • There are bomb shelters in pavilions #1 and #5 on the territory of VDNG.

Calculate birthday

How to entertain guests at a holiday? This is not a problem! At your service:

  • karaoke;
  • DJ;
  • photographer and photo booth;
  • decorator;
  • live music;
  • ordering a holiday cake or candy bar.

A manager-coordinator is assigned to each event, who leads all preparations for the holiday and helps in the organization process.

Average check: 800-1500 UAH/person

Special offer “Surprise”
for 10 people – UAH 7,500.

Especially for birthday parties, we have prepared a package offer for 10 people, which is valid from Monday to Thursday

Cold snacks

Assortment of Italian delicacies 2 servings
Homemade chicken pate with caramelized onions 2 servings
Rolls with zucchini and sun-dried tomatoes 2 servings
Spinach rolls with salmon and Philadelphia cheese 2 servings
Ciabatta (bread) 3 servings


Caesar salad with chicken 2 servings
Salad with chicken in nut sauce 2 servings
Vegetable salad with feta cheese 2 servings

Hot appetizers

Pancakes with chicken and mushrooms and sour cream 2 servings
Camembert cheese fries 2 servings
Lavash with suluguni cheese 2 servings

Main dishes

Pork kebab 3 servings
Chicken kebab 3 servings
Grilled vegetables (mushrooms, peppers, zucchini, tomatoes) 2 servings
Potatoes baked on the grill 2 servings


Stewed fruit 2 liters

Alcohol of choice

ARTINERO white brut / semi-sweet, 0.75 l 3 sq.
Signature cocktails for the company: 5 Aperol Spritz, 5 Flower GT 10 sq.
Віскі “Grant`s”, 1 liters 1 sq.

Loyalties and gifts to choose from

  • Special offer for birthday parties for 10 guests

  • 10% cashback to bonus account

  • Cork Fee

    The fixed cost of the Cork Fee is UAH 250 per bottle

  • Dj for 2 hours as a gift on the condition that the hall is closed for one company

  • A sweet gift in the form of a signature cake for each guest or a welcome drink for each guest in the form of Prosecco (company up to 15 guests)

The gift you will receive:

  • signature Kyiv-style cake for the birthday boy
  • welcome drink for each guest in the form of sparkling wine
  • a surprise from the institution (a certificate of UAH 500 per network)

Alcohol Terms

  • Alcohol 50/50
    You can bring your own alcohol on a 50/50 basis. You order 50% of alcohol from us, the remaining 50% you bring with you without extra charges.

  • Cork service

With an additional payment of UAH 250 for each (any) bottle, for companies of 10 people or more – subject to the minimum average check of UAH 800/person.

Special price: for companies of 20 people or more with compliance with an average check of min 800 UAH/person – alcohol at the price of the store shelf.

If you are interested in a different number of guests, order a birthday calculation and the manager will develop an individual menu based on your wishes.

Calculate birthday

Your personal manager-coordinator will calculate the cost of the event and answer questions about organizing a birthday party at the HayLoft 2.0 restaurant. Call on the phone: +38 067 501 4888.

Do you prefer personal communication? We are waiting for you at the address: Akademika Glushkova Avenue, 1.

Food delivery

Contact Information

Mon-Sn: from 12:00 to 22:30

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